nvm i’m going to korea early ❤️ go me

can someone come to korea with me i’m not staying with fam i can hardly communicate with help



this is my jyp online audition even tho i’m auditioning again in korea with a different piece! I’ll practice hard till then so don’t judge me harshly dudes

Creds to Jerome Esplana and the Kore dance studio

Original piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M2EXufXbbw




it’s me!!!

I saw your audition video, YOU ARE AMAZING!! Did you choreograph the dance by yourself? Please be honest thanks I love to dance and even though im not auditioning for anything (because I am not as good as you) I just would likes some tips on how to choreographing dance. :) thanks a bunch and good luck!!<3

my dance teacher did! but i did choreograph a piece on my youtube: http://youtu.be/ZU3dWtCJmRU?list=UU4VzMRNh4fRH4DI52VSx-EA

my best advice is freestyle and start putting some moves together! I freestyled before putting this piece together and this is the end result!

AND I BET YOU ARE AS GOOD AS ME :) Thank you so much for the support <3 


Girl with orange juice and cigarette (painting 67)

OMG I’M AN AUNT I HAVE A NEPHEW IN KOREA WAH i can’t wait to see him when i get to korea in december but my cousin lives all the way in the east of seoul in guri like idk how to take the subway oops

tokyo ghoul is great


street food in myeongdong, 7:33 pm